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Wicked Smart Websites

Our Website Development Process

We approach website development the same way we approach everything. We start with strategy.

Our websites are strategically written, optimized for search and thoughtfully designed to give visitors a great user experience (UX).

So, when you ask us to build your site, we’ll come back at you with a whole lot of questions. This is Step 1. Why do you want it? What’s it supposed to do? What do you want to tell people? What do you want them to do?

Step 2 – We’ll do some research. We’ll investigate your industry, learn about your customers, take a look at your competitors, and figure out what will give your website the competitive edge.

Step 3 – We’ll take what we’ve learned and make a development plan, which will include:

  • Suggested domain name(s)
  • A sitemap, navigation and content plan
  • Wireframe(s) for all pages or post/page type templates
  • An SEO strategy (including keywords)
  • A visual content plan (what graphics and/or photos do we need?)
  • A project timeline

On to Step 4 – building the site. We’ll take the lead, but you’ll definitely be a key collaborator. We’ll run everything by you and get your input at certain points to confirm we’re all following the same song sheet.

Step 5 – We’ll launch the site, optimize it for search, and hook it into Google Analytics and Search Console. We’ll also create or update your Google My Business Page (literally getting you “on the map”).

Have more questions about our process? Ask me! I’d be happy to tell you more.