Twins Days Festival


An annual international festival for biological twins held in Twinsburg, Ohio since 1976 – acknowledged as the “Largest Annual Gathering of Twins in the World” by the Guinness Book of World Records.


The festival’s organizing committee was developing a new mobile-responsive WordPress website and wanted to replace paper-based event registration forms and unwieldy data management procedures with new online forms. They hired Clever Girl to custom-build a new registration system that would include public-facing website forms and a back-end database application. The system needed to interface with historic data, generate various reports and accept secure online payments.

During the project, it became clear that the committee needed help with the implementation of GDPR compliance, which recently became law. They also needed help launching the new website after the conclusion of the 2018 festival.


  • Worked with the committee to identify system needs and specifications
  • Custom programmed a robust administrative application using MySQL relational databases and PHP
    • Includes an admin dashboard for a quick snapshot of current registrations & revenue
    • Includes export and reporting functions
    • Allows for multiple users with varying privileges and security features
    • Includes historic data collected since the beginning of the festival
  • Custom developed an intelligent and intuitive “front-end” event registration form that uses conditional logic and field validation
    • Interfaces with PayPal for secure payments
  • Conducted a data and security audit, wrote a “data and privacy protection” policy statement and added GDPR compliant notifications to the website
  • Managed the transition of the new website from a development server to a new hosting provider and publicly launched the new site


Since the launch of the new website and registration system, the committee and staff report that they’ve recorded festival registrations (for 2019) faster than in previous years and the streamlining of administrative tasks has far surpassed expectations.