Café Avalaun


Cleveland’s premier 100% gluten free café, bakery and crêperie, specializing in locally-sourced food, great coffee, crêpes and pastries.


Café Avalaun Owner/Chef Brian Doyle’s ultimate goal was to increase awareness of his offerings. He also wanted to:

  • Improve his website’s visibility in search engine results pages
  • Grow his catering business
  • Increase subscriptions to his Fresh Meals subscription service


  • Improved website structure and refined calls to action
  • Optimized search engine performance through organic and paid search
  • Refined Fresh Meals brand position
  • Handled public relations
  • Developed and implemented social media communication and community management strategy
  • Created promotional videos, and deployed a video strategy across multiple channels
  • Engaged food bloggers in a successful influencer marketing campaign
  • Developed and executed a content marketing strategy that included email marketing, online recipe box and printed sales collateral


During our engagement with Café Avalaun, we were able to:

  • Dramatically improve SEO, landing Café Avalaun on page 1 of Google SERP’s
  • Increase the restaurant’s visibility in the Greater Cleveland area
  • Help spread the word about their Fresh Meals and catering services
  • On social media, we increased stats across the board including:

Audience: +6.9%
Engagement: +498%
Reach: +514%
Impressions: +557%

Audience: +9%
Tweets: +96.8%
Retweets: +183%
Likes: +138%

Audience: +16.6%
Engagement: +75.6%
Likes: +75.1%
Comments: +91