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Oh, I’m Just a Girl…

About our founder, our services and our promise to you.

Yo! I'm Heather Drago...

I’m the Founder and Chief Strategist here at Clever Girl Marketing.

I launched my little Cleveland-based agency in 2015. I’d been working in the field for over 20 years, either in-house or with other firms, and I decided that I wanted to do things a different way. See, I’ve got this weird left brain/right brain thing going on, which makes the way I work a little unique from other marketing consultants.

I’m a formally trained fine artist, so I know how to think creatively, even “outside the box”. I’ve also got decades of research, strategy and technical development experience under my belt, which means that I “speak nerd”. I understand the power of data and I know how to make big ideas come to life.

So anyway, I started this gig, wrote up some rules, and reached out to my network of amazingly talented friends to build a team. Together, we’ve helped clients earn awards, garner national recognition, win elections, raise awareness, increase event attendance, and win new business.

It’s been an amazing ride so far. I love what I do, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Want to know more? Connect with me on LinkedIn or drop me a line!

What We Do (and Don't Do)

We provide a full suite of marketing services to businesses and nonprofit organizations interested in presenting and building their brands in a smart, strategic way. We can create anything you or we can dream up. If we can’t do it in-house, we partner with trusted outside agencies to get it done.

We are not a talent agency. We’re not an IT or business management firm. We don’t book gigs, do fundraising or outside sales. We market great products and services to the right people using the right strategies and tactics at the right time. That’s it.

What You Get When You Work With Us

When you work with Clever Girl Marketing, you get a partner that always has your best interests in mind.

Sometimes we push back and ask why, or offer alternative ideas. We can be honest to a fault, but that’s because we care enough to question preconceived notions, find the best solutions, and help our clients succeed in ways they didn’t know were possible. Our goal is to always give you our best and be proactive. Oh yeah, and we’re a blast to work with too!

Certified SBE/WBE

A+ Accreditation



Turn Your Marketing Up to Eleven.

We can take you there. We can show you how.